Vetonaula howls with the Finland national football team ”the owls”

Great cooperation between Football Association of Finland (Suomen Palloliitto, SPL) and Vetonaula can continue as Vetonaula has been chosen to continue as their IT cooperation partner. As a partner we can do our part to support Finnish football and also we get to work with the great people of SPL and to provide the best possible IT infrastructure for their use.

Whole IT infrastructure as a service

Vetonaula is responsible for producing the entire IT Infrastructure services of the Football Association of Finland. The new service package is produced with the modern All Cloud model, where Palloliitto can benefit from the best cloud-based programs, secure enterprise-class portable devices and professional IT support. The whole system is operated by Vetonaula. To ensure quality, Vetonaula also provides inhouse Servicedesk service for all IT matters in one-stop-shop principle.

Vetonaula will follow the Finnish Owls in this season closely as a partner and Vetonaula’s ads can be seen at the stadiums. As an ad theme, we have the core of our business, IT as a service.

The Finnish Football Association

The Finnish Football Association was founded in 1907. The International Football Association – FIFA – SPL joined the 1908 and the European Football Association – UEFA – 1954.
There are more than 130,000 registered players in the nearly 1,000 membership circles of the Finnish Football Association. There are about 500,000 Finns in weekly football with football. The Finnish Football Association is the largest sports association in Finland.

Follow the Owls

Even if the qualifying situation is not bright for now, the magic of football makes every single match worth the wait. Vetonaula wishes the Owls good spirit and moments of success for the next games!

You can follow the Owls (in Finnish) here: