Responsibility in everything we do

Corporate social responsibility is reflected in all our activities, it is the consideration of society and the environment in all our choices and the responsibility in daily work with all our contact surfaces.

Responsibility is directed equally at our customers, partners and employees.

Responsibility for the customer

Our service is based on responsibility, we take responsibility for the continued operation of our customers’ IT. It’s not a small responsibility, IT is nowadays an essential part of business in almost every business.

Reliable cooperation with our partners

Our partners appreciate us because we reliably carry out our share of joint projects and remain partners in the long run.

Responsibility for employees

Well-being at work plays an important role in the quality of service in an expert organization. If we can make people feel good at work, we can accomplish something extraordinary.

Involved in society

As part of our responsibility, we also try to support important projects in the form of partnerships or sponsorships.

At present, Vetonaula works as a sponsor of Finnish sports, partnering with the Finnish Football Association, promoting Finnish football. As the international success is still around the corner, soccer is literally a grassroots activity, enthusiastic girls and boys and their parents. This is what we want to be part of. Up to 500,000 Finns are on a weekly deal with football, enjoying the game, and building a future success.

Read more about our modern service model for Finnish Football Association here.